worm's website!! :3


hello im worm(he/it) :3
this is a website that i am making to post my art and stuff also to learn html and css.

a photo of a dog that is winking while looking towards the camera and smiling.


also, if anyone wants me to make them a website FOR FREE!!! please contact me because i liek designing websites :3
i know that this website doesn't really show the extent of my ability to websites(exept maybe like. responsive design i guess) but i SWEAR i can make things more interesting than this..



added a section of the art page for wip art.


compressed the dog pictures because they were taking up like 850mb and taking seconds to load haha. now theyre only 15mb!!! i just scaled them down though i am NOT FUCKING USING WEBP!!! also i changed the javascript for loading the dog pictures so it's a bit more easy to read/edit.


added error handling in the case that the JSON file containing the data for the dog images fails to be loaded.


added more pictures of my dog!!!


added a button to show and hide the picture of my dog on the home page, as well as a button to show different pictures.


changed mobile layout and adjusted css to make website look better on smaller computer screens.


added changelog.